FAAB Database Enabled

After several months of being unable to find free time, I finally got through all of the PHP and Javascript code. There is now a new view of the FAAB balances that includes a look into the transaction level details for each team. This will add a bit of work to my weekly updates, but this level of visibility will add to the value as the season wears on.

This completes 99% of the make-over of the site. All of the modern web browsing technologies are in place and functioning. It should be all maintenance from here.

Goodbye Footer

I spent some time today removing the footer and moving the three links to the navbar at the top of the page. Inspiration came from an investment newsletter. The instructions within the footer have been moved to the Q&A link. This makes it easier to be more verbose and to make changes later. The History link has been repurposed into a Blog button. The concept as well as the content is the same, but I suspect this is reading more like a blog page than a history of versions page. Finally the Change Request button has been moved to the top row navigation bar. While it looked fine in the lower right, it looks slightly better to have all of the buttons together.

I suspect the main page is now “complete” and very few changes will be coming.

FAAB Pages Development

Work on constructing the FAAB pages for the two leagues continues. It has taken a more complex route than I expected. I’m trying to run a PHP script through a JavaScript. While that isn’t unheard of, it has been a longer learning curve. I decided to use this set of technologies since I can update a MySQL table for each league. Then, when a user visits the page, the code I will have written will display the proper amounts. I already have the two database tables prepared and ready for the start of the season. Next is to construct the code to display the information.

Last Transferred Draft Pages

Today I completed the transition of the draft order pages from the Google site to this site. Everything is scripted in JavaScript and is fairly easy to edit. The Google pages now have a header indicating they are not being updated and include a link to this site.

The next major task is to complete the Udemy class and learn enough MySQL to develop a table for the FAAB transactions and to query and display the results. I also want the results to have a link for each owner to show the details of the transactions. Given that it is the middle of February, that seems ambitious.

Drop Menus

A large upgrade to the main page was completed today. The two FAAB links have been replaced by drop menus for the two baseball leagues. The concept came from Randall who wanted the 2015 draft tables placed in order. It occurred to me that I no longer need to have the Google Sites page if I am reviving this site. Today, I created the American League Minors Draft page, the American League Reserves Draft page, and the National League Reserves Draft page.

I was surprised to discover the math was easy though I did have to conceptualize the JavaScript flow. While it will be easy to maintain during the days until the start of the season, it will have one drawback — switching from an un-ordered view to an ordered view will be difficult.

Super Bowl Squares XLIX

Quite a few revisions since Thursday. Our provider wasn’t responsive enough regarding some errors on the Super Bowl Squares, so I decided to create my own. There is a new button on the navigation row. The grid has two forms — one for selecting squares and one for the points of each team (the grid). The code is structured so that I need to enter the score for each quarter, figure out the winner of that quarter, modify the finances, and upload. This has made it convenient and easy to coordinate. Hopefully all of my users have a modern browser that can handle the rotated text.

New Branding

I removed the text based branding, The Commish’s Database, and replaced it with my favorite gif. I’ve always like ballparks when they are dressed with bunting. It doesn’t hurt that it adds a splash of color to the homepage as well. I hope to add other usability features in the coming weeks.