Super Bowl Squares XLIX

Quite a few revisions since Thursday. Our provider wasn’t responsive enough regarding some errors on the Super Bowl Squares, so I decided to create my own. There is a new button on the navigation row. The grid has two forms — one for selecting squares and one for the points of each team (the grid). The code is structured so that I need to enter the score for each quarter, figure out the winner of that quarter, modify the finances, and upload. This has made it convenient and easy to coordinate. Hopefully all of my users have a modern browser that can handle the rotated text.

New Branding

I removed the text based branding, The Commish’s Database, and replaced it with my favorite gif. I’ve always like ballparks when they are dressed with bunting. It doesn’t hurt that it adds a splash of color to the homepage as well. I hope to add other usability features in the coming weeks.

Week 18 Results

The week 18 results have been added to the Cactus Finances tab. I also greatly expanded the Cactus Finances table to include the three current playoff side-games. They include the non-final yellow indicator since they are in progress results and the money should not be collected or spent yet.

Homepage Version 2

The homepage has gone through a substantial formatting revision. In addition to the jQuery that is used for the drag and drop capability of the individual tables, Bootstrap has been added for the responsiveness and some of the formatting. There will continue to be minor adjustments of the formatting, but I suspect this will be the basic look going forward.

Adding Bootstrap for the responsiveness will make the site more mobile friendly which was one of the original goals with the re-start of the website. That is one goal down. The second goal will not be accomplished before the end of Christmastide, but I should have time over the next few months to add the MySQL capability making the maintenance of the tables easier. This won’t impact the human factors of the website, but it will make it possible for any authorized user to make necessary changes.